Problems in receiving or sending emails at AOL email? How you can fix them easily?

AOL not sending and receiving emails problems may be related to the program of tracking the spam emails from any scammer. AOL filters the content before it reaches the user’s email inbox. And it makes sure the users are safe but sometimes it makes glitches in receiving or sending emails, unrecognised and bypass your email inbox, the email is sent to a trash folder.

AOL Email Not Sending & Receiving mails

Sometimes it may occur problems in receiving and sending by some incorrect settings or sometimes email server problem, in this case, a user can’t perform anything other than the manual changes.

Reasons why you are not receiving the emails at AOL

  1. AOL problems not receiving emails, emails may be going to the spam folder.
  2. Maybe you blocked the sender.
  3. There could be a communication problem between the receiver and the sender.
  4. At the last, but this occurs very rarely server may fail.
  5. These problems are very often in the process of AOL receiving problems but sometimes user face repeatedly that the account is not receiving the emails, then there could be other reasons as well.

What you could do when you are not receiving the email at AOL

  • If you are facing problem at AOL receiving terms then make sure your servers are working properly. Make sure your servers are performing well for the undoing of your problem that can make the process a lot easier or the other way
  • You should check your email filters making it difficult of your time most of the time when the process is a delay or not receiving, it may be because of the certain filters that they use to prevent, making them scam or shifting to another folder.
  • You could resolve by sign in to your AOL account
  • And then go to settings and select the filter settings
  • Check that if there are any email  filters applied
  • And if you find filters delete them.
  • Other than receiving problems there are many times there could be sending problems to, AOL sending problems.
  • AOL not sending emails to another person, could be attachment is a too large file, maybe you are blocked from the receiver list, you are sending emails on incorrect recipients, incorrect SMTP settings. And these AOL email  sending problems could be solved

How to solve AOL email not sending emails

  1. In case your contacts are getting emails, you did not send maybe your sent folder is full of messages, you didn’t send.
  2. Your missing folder that is showing your account could be hacked by someone else.
  3. These issues are noticed you could not be able to send or receive emails.
  4. If your AOL having troubleshooting in receiving and sending emails then you should restart your pc, this clears the internal memory of your pc.
  5. The other one around if you are using an outdated browser, such as internet explorer, you may need to access your AOL email, form a different browser, if can’ t change the existing one you should update your present one.
  6. You should clear browser cache files, to reset the browser. this process of resetting the browser may enhance the performance of the browser.
  7. As you should disable the pop blocking software, add your AOL to whitelist, contact some expert for the following software. Mostly the browser allows the temporary bypass, by clicking the site links.
  8. Make sure your firewall settings are disabled because this prevents the user to access the desktop or the AOL email online.

The email server not supported in your system You could go with the best way when error leads to the trouble of the email server of AOL IMAP bot responding everyone can find a better solution to fix to uninstall and reinstall, the account after that the settings will be auto-corrected in this situation.

Whenever the problem occurs in sending or receiving your email, it’s the heavy-duty traffic that makes AOL account does not respond to the email server.

  • This could mean the email account is dysfunctional.
  • To this, you could do best by uninstall and reinstall the account settings.
  • You should check your internet connection do you have a strong wifi connection.
  • You should consider to remove and re-add your troublesome account.
  • Make sure for the manually configure server ports and authentication option
  • If you had to change email configuration then you should be supposed to take an email backup to protect these emails from getting lost in the transition.
  • Check the email id and credentials of the email account again.
  • The user is not entering the correct details as well as this Is one of the key reasons why IMAP is not able to respond.
  • If you are getting the AOL email account not responding error to you need to delete the AOL account and re-add it again. Some of the time many deals with the issue of one is the application issue, account issue, server issue.


This article adds the detail of AOL email that people face while using it, and the most often how to fix AOL email not sending and receiving emails. This may give clear vision and somehow can solve the problem in the aspects of AOL email sending and receiving problems and gives more area to clear doubts giving you an idea what you are dealing with.

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